First Grade Information


Whats up in first grade 

Snack Time & Water Bottles
10 minute break for a quick bite to eat
We are an allergy aware classroom.

Snack time:
    We take a break about 9:30 every morning.
    Students use the restrooms and wash hands.
    Students eat one quick snack while chatting with friends.

Snacks should:

    Be healthy
    Be easy to open by your child
    Include a spoon or fork if necessary
    Be something your child can clean up on his/her own

 All day Water Bottles are encouraged and should:

    Be new or thoroughly cleaned every day
    Be easy to open and close by your child

Classroom Routines
A glimpse of a typical school day

Your child needs his/her West Stafford School  Communication Folder every day.  Please be sure to check for news, notes, and classwork every day.  Everything that you send in to school, including lunch and Flutterby Bookstore money, should be in this folder.

Our school day officially starts at 8:15 with attendance, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the cafeteria lunch count.  Our academic day begins with an hour of whole class language arts instruction or integrated science and social studies lessons.  Then, we usually head off to one of our specials.  We return to our classroom to spend an hour working in small differentiated reading groups.  Next we enjoy recess, followed by lunch.  Right after lunch, we spend an hour on math lessons.  We work right up to the very end and do not pack up to go home until 2:40 PM. School officially ends at 2:45 PM.  

What can I do at home to help my child?
Quick ideas to practice skills

    Be sure to look in your child's communication folder every afternoon and return it to school            every morning.
    Read to your child every day.  We are happy to lend books from our classroom libraries.  
         Just ask.
    Practice high-frequency sight words every day.
    Practice math facts every day.
    Have a special homework place and time.  Keep homework tools in a special box or drawer.
    Practice skip counting by 2s, 5s, & 10s to 120.
    Be sure that your child can write his/her first and last name and state his/her complete                 address and telephone number with area code.
    Have your child use invented spelling to write the grocery list.
    Have your child read and check off items from the grocery list as you shop together.

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Fun Activities to Play while Learning to Read

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Storybirds are short, art-inspired stories you make to share, read, and print.

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Tons of Web Sites for Learning Fun
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