Homework Information
Homework Information

   *Homework is an extension of the skills we are learning in the kindergarten classroom during the week.
     *Homework is sent home on Monday in the Blue folder.
     *Please give your child a quiet place and assisstance with homework when needed.
     *Check to see if homework needs to be signed.
     *Homework is due on or before Thursday.
     *Check our Parent Resouce folder for learning games.
     *Please contact me by email or written message if you have any questions.  I want your child to have a successful                      learning experience in kindergarten.
Word Rings

    As sight words are introduced through our reading  program, they will be sent home on a metal ring in your child's Blue folder.  The words are written on squares of oaktag paper with one hole punched.  As new words come home please attach them to the others on your child's metal ring and help your child practice learning these sight words.  If your child has difficulty with these words try practicing only one word a week. The goal is a minimum of 20 words by the end of the year to support reading success.  If the word ring is in your child's folder, we will add the new words weekly.  If the word ring is not in your child's folder we will paper clip the words and ask that you add them to your child's ring at home.


As numbers and number words are introduced and learned in the classroom, through our math program, a math sheet will be sent home in your child's Blue folder.  Please cut the number, word and quantity apart and save them in special place for practicing with your child.  You can practice the number, word and amount.  Your child needs to recognize the numeral quickly and be able to count that number of objects accurately.  We realize that for some children this might be an easy task.  If this is the case, you could play a game to see how quickly he/she can match numbers and objects like Beat The Clock.  Another important skill, estimating, is to be able to look at a group of objects and know how many it is without counting.  We will be implementing activities with numbers from 1-20 by the end of the year.

 Decodable Books

     Each child meets with his/her during Reading Work/Centers. They participate in a variety of guided reading and readiness activities depending on their individual needs.  Our reading program includes short, wordless and decodable books. After your child reads a book with the teacher during centers it is sent home for your child to practice reading to you.  Please watch for these decodable books with the kindergarten homework and use them to practice reading at home.  Encourage your child to read the book many times in order to develop reading fluency.  The goal is that your child's reading sounds like he/she is talking.

Homework Supplies

It is helpful to have materials at home readily available for your child to complete homework.  It is a good idea to keep all of the items in one container.  Some things your child may need are:

    pencil sharpener
    markers, crayons, or colored pencils
    glue sticks