Kindergarten Learning Centers
Library Center

We Are:
Learning pre-reading skills
Developing  language skills
Sequencing events
Recognizing that letters have meaning
Learning to take care of books
Experiencing quiet moments
Learning to create our own stories
Gathering information
Using our imagination

Math Center

We implement the GO MATH series covering all the current Common Core State Standards.

We Are:

Learning new ideas
Increasing language and cognitive skills
Enhancing eye-hand coordination
Exercising our fine motor muscles
Learning to estimate
Classifying and sorting
Counting and comparing
Recognizing patterns and shapes


We implement a Reader's Workshop model and the Houghton Mifflin reading program in kindergarten.

This program covers many  skills including:

phonemic awareness
concepts of printphonics/decoding
decoding longer words
high-frequency words
comprehension skills and strategies
reading fluency

The science center in kindergarten changes often, depending on the interests of the children, curriculum, and seasons.

Science Center

We Are:

Learning and testing new concepts
Increasing language development
Learning to plan and discover
Drawing conclusions
Experiencing sensory activities
Discovering how things work


We implement the Lucy Calkins Writer's Workshop model that meets the Common Core State Standards.

We Are:
Learning appropriate pencil grasp
Using left to right progression
Exploring and practicing correct letter formation
Writing letters, words and sentences
Making books of interest
Developing and refining fine motor skills
Growing as writers!